October 15, 2023 Rebecca-Monique Episode 89
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Number 1. You begin to access more positive emotions for longer and more often.

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Hi, I’m Rebecca-Monique: an ICF accredited (PCC) grief and trauma coach, and coach supervisor. My work is centred around supporting individuals through their healing and growth. 

My specialist areas are grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction, sense of Self (identity), boundaries and confidence. My modes of coaching are somatic (i.e. embodied awareness) and transformational (i.e. a focus on attitudes, values, beliefs, behaviours, etc.).

I have particular interests in social sciences and human-centred disciplines, including psychology, psycholinguistics, sociology, spirituality and philosophy. 

I live in London, UK with my son (who is also blessed with the awesomeness that is hyphenated first names!).

You can find out more about my personal journey and what led me to becoming a coach here, and here.

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Hi, I’m Rebecca-Monique – an ICF accredited coach and coach supervisor – and these are my passing thoughts.

Healing happens in phases. 

There’s no set timeline. There’s no definitive order. 

Sometimes it’s noticeable leaps and bounds. 

Sometimes it’s the quiet culmination of smaller inner victories.

Awareness is the key to change. When we begin healing, both self-awareness and expanded awareness are critical; realising our healing goes beyond inner-work, and also includes our environment (physical space, people, community, systems). It’s also the new ways we interact with and move through the world. 

You’ll be amazed at what you notice when you start noticing. For some, it’s both a blessing and a curse. 

Here are three things you’ll become aware of as you begin to heal: 

  1. You begin to access more positive emotions for longer and more often.  By positive emotions, I mean the more welcomed ones. The ones that uplift and energise us such as joy, delight, faith, courage. Remember emotions are not good and bad, right or wrong, positive or negative. They just are.
  2. Your interoceptive awareness expands. Trauma and deep emotional or psychological wounding disconnects us from our bodies. As we heal, we reconnect with ourselves. We’ll notice subtle changes to our inner landscape and physiology, such as sensations, breath, voice, emotions, feelings,; the activity and condition of various systems: our immune, nervous and digestive and muscular skeletal system. As we tune into and understand the wisdom of our body, we become better resourced to meet our needs, address stuck survival  responses, and restore balance.  
  3. We become more curious about our behaviours, thoughts and emotions. Without shaming ourself we’re able to compassionately explore the origins, their function and how they play out day-to-day. Our Projections, unspoken yearnings and unmet needs. Outdated survival responses, maladaptive behavioural patterns, unhealthy relationships. From a healed place, we can make wiser life choices.   

My question for you this week is: 

How would you finish this sentence stem: 

I knew I was healing when…

Speak to you next week, until then, be well.